Success In Films by Julia Verdin and Matt Dean Book Review

Julia Verdin, Indie Producer and author of "Success In Films," Photo Courtesy of Rough Diamond Productions

Julia Verdin, Indie Producer and author of "Success In Films," Photo Courtesy of Rough Diamond Productions

Success in Films is the ultimate guide to funding, filming and finishing any independent film; big budget or small. Written by veteran filmmakers, Julia Verdin and Matt DeanSuccess in Films has been specially designed to help aspiring producers, directors, writers, actors, editors – anyone who wants to know how to take control of their own destiny in the world of film by making their own movies. 

Whether your film is intended for the big screen or the small, internet or theatrical release, this concise guide will take you from inception to delivery. Topics include: how to find your story, how to find funding, how to deal with investors, how to make a business plan, understanding the “chain of title”, how to make a budget, how to cast your film, how to find a good crew, what size crew do you need, how to work with actors, how do you get distribution, do you need distribution, how to market the film, how to get into festivals, how to release on Amazon, iTunes or other digital platforms and much more!

Most importantly, Success in Films asks the filmmaker how to define success for their film and, in doing so, find the best path to achieve that success. Whether you want financial success, awards, peer recognition, or just a great demo reel of what you can do, Success in Films can help you achieve that success one film at a time. 


Julia Verdin is a top Hollywood indie film producer and Indie film consultant who has produced 30 feature films and has extensive knowledge in all areas of producing, casting, financing, selling a film and taking films to the festivals.  Many of Verdin’s films have had theatrical releases and played in major film festivals such as Sundance, Toronto and Venice.  She has worked with top talent such as Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Danny Huston, William Hurt and Sienna Miller to name a few.  In addition to producing her own films, and running her production company, Rough Diamond Productions, Verdin has consulted for numerous filmmakers and through her expert advice and guidance helped them get their films made. Verdin is a consulting producer for filmmakers group Raindance LA, has given seminars and participated on panels on film production for numerous organizations including Women in Film, WGA, BAFTA LA, AFM, Story Expo, Raindance Film Festival, LA Femme Film Festival and many others.  

Credit’s include: 2 Jacks, Stander, Merchant of Venice, Contaminated Man, Riding The Bullet, The Set Up.

For full resume and further info on films produced, please visit Julia Verdin's Official Website

Matt Dean is an adjunct professor of editing and post production and has a career in film and television spanning 25 years. Starting in broadcast news for ABC in Virginia, Dean went on to produce and direct TV commercials and then documentaries and TV shows. In 2007 he worked as an art director for Unistar International Pictures and then expanded in career into producing and post supervising feature films. To date, he has worked on 24 feature films and 80 episodes of TV. His production company Matt Dean Films helps deliver feature films and broadcast TV to domestic and international markets with clients that include ABC, FOX, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Bravo, Disney, MTV, OWN, ESPN, PBS, Redbull Media House, TLC and HGTV.

Credits include: Radio Free Albemuth, Across the Ice, Fighting for Freedom, Undercover Cupid, Creators of Tomorrow, Two Jacks, The Devil Within.

For more info, please visit Matt Dean's Official Website.