Five Nights In Maine Film Review

Five Nights in Maine, starring David Oyelowo and Dianne Wiest, Photo Courtesy of FilmRise

Five Nights in Maine, starring David Oyelowo and Dianne Wiest, Photo Courtesy of FilmRise

SYNOPSIS:  After his wife dies in a tragic car accident, young Sherwin (David Oyelowo) is called to Maine by his terminally ill and estranged mother-in-law Lucinda (Dianne Wiest).  Grappling with a lifetime of disagreements, Lucinda and Sherwin find themselves forced to cope with their failings and grief in a quiet journey of empathy, compassion and healing. [Source: FilmRise]

Maris Curran’s feature directorial debutFive Nights in Maine, is as beautiful as it is desolate. Curran brilliantly navigates the simplistic art of film with an emotional script. The most engaging trait of this indie film is the beautiful and classic storytelling without the use of any music. Unlike many recent films that contain overwhelming sound and special effects, Five Nights in Maine is filmmaking at its core essence, relying on the talent and cinematography to present the vulnerability in the story.  One notable point is the masterful use of a clock ticking in the background at a few points to increase the intensity of certain aspects of a scene. 

Curran, who wrote and produced the film, presents a character in Sherwin who faces emotionally devastating loss. She clarifies, “The film is a means to examine…compassion that comes from opening your eyes to another’s pain in precisely the moment you hurt the most.”

The story is one that has been done but with an added element of discourse through the relationship between Sherwin and his mother-in-law, Lucinda.  Oyelowo and Wiest are captivating as they portray the struggle between grieving and tackling the ability to get along. “To me, the most interesting aspect of the story takes place in that space in the room where these two people negotiate how to treat one another and determine what type of relationship, if any, they will have,” explains Curran. 

Five Nights in Maine is in theaters and available On Demand on August 5, 2016.  Running time 82 minutes. For more information, please visit the Five Nights in Maine Official Website.

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